WEINER Lawrence
(New York, Bronx 1942 - 2021)
Statements. Lawrence Weiner
Luogo: New York
Editore: The Louis Kellner Foundation/Seth Siegelaub
Stampatore: Offset
Anno: 1968
Legatura: brossura
Dimensioni: 17,7x10 cm.
Pagine: pp. (64)
Descrizione: libro d’artista con copertina tipografica, contenente 24 dichiarazioni di Lawrence Weiner stampate al solo recto (12 “General Statements" e 12 “Specific Statements”). Primo libro d’artista di Lawrence Weiner. Tiratura di 1000 copie.
Bibliografia: Bury 2015: pag. 53; Moeglin Delcroix 2011: pag. 191 e 436; Joosten - Roettig 2018: pp. 142-143; Jurgerek - Koller - Federer - Stadler 2018: pag. 146; Lailach 2005: pag. 167; Mantura 1974: pag. 421; Schwarz 1989; n.1 pp. 10-11, pag. 126, pp. 136-139; Roth - Aaron - Lehmann 2017: pp. 291-292
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“Statements is divided into «General Statements» and «Specific Statements». The two sections reflect the transition from painting as a work process that is necessarily concentrated on a specific object to a linguistic representation of the use of materials in general. However this classification is not as distinct as would seem. Apart from a few precise measurements in the «specific statements», there is little that distinguishes them from the general ones, and since the dimensions are not delivered from specific givens but are purely arbitrary, they do not detract from the general applicability of the statements. (...) The statements are printed in blocks and the lines are broken at random, so that the division of the words is often unconventional. This lends the works an object-like appearance, not in the illustrative fashion of visual poetry, but rather in reference to the indipendent materiality of the written word...”. (Dieter Schwarz).