[Alfred Earl "Al" Hansen] (New York 1927 - Köln 1995)
(Bruges 1932)
(Grodnau, Austria 1925 - Moncarapacho, Portogallo 2013)
Manifesto for a Theater of the Preposterous by Al Hansen / Vienna Institute for Direct Art by Al Hansen / Manifesto #1 for a Theater of Human Destruction by Jean Toche
Luogo: New York
Editore: Ecce Homo
Stampatore: N. D.
Anno: 1967
Legatura: fogli sciolti
Dimensioni: 21,5x13,9 cm
Pagine: pp. [6]
Descrizione: Cartoncino ripiegato in due parti, all'interno un foglio sciolto. Copertina tipografica stampata in nero su carta viola, illustrato con 2 immagini fotografiche in bianco e nero. Pamphlet 'Manifesto' per un 'theater of human destruction'. All'interno un testo di Jean Toche e uno di Al Hansen.
Bibliografia: N. D.
Prezzo: € 250ORDINA / ORDER
"To destroy people physically and mentally; to alter and deprive them of they imagine, their beliefs, their needs, their emotions and their sensibility; to condition them. To use them in experimental patterns in order to transpose, on a higher, spiritual and ritual, symbolic and creative level, the powerful images which might emerge from their possible reactions and behavior, and so dramatize a situation which exists in real life. We have forgotten the taste of simple, true and deep emotions. We have forgotten even the smell of a human being, as Senghor very well said in one of his poems. By means of an accepted discipline, rather than experiment for its own sake, and through human destruction, I plan to rediscover and reconquer the basic values and feelings of the human mind." - Jean Toche, estratto dal testo 'Manifesto #1 for a theater of human destruction'