[Milton Ernst Rauschenberg] (Port Arthur, Texas 1925 - Captiva Island, Florida 2008)
Jammers. Rauschenberg
Luogo: Vancouver - Los Angeles - Venice (California)
Editore: Ace (Gallery)
Stampatore: N. D.
Anno: 1976
Legatura: N. D.
Dimensioni: 39x39 cm
Pagine: N. D.
Descrizione: invito d'artista in formato locandina, stampato in serigrafia su tessuto, edito in occasione della mostra tenutasi nelle tre sedi della Ace Gallery di Vancouver, Los Angeles e Venice nel 1976. Tiratura non dichiarata.
Bibliografia: N. D.
Prezzo: € 450ORDINA / ORDER
"In the early 1970s, [Robert] Rauschenberg moved his permanent studio from New York City to Captiva Island, off the Gulf coast of Florida. This relocation marked a shift from the gritty urban detritus that had been the basis of much of the earlier work to a rhapsodic embrace of color and geometric abstraction in a wholly new vernacular language. The Jammers series (1975–76), its title a direct reference to the Windjammer sailing vessel, is Rauschenberg’s salute to his [then-]new island life. In 1975, he also went to India to investigate textiles and papermaking, and the inspiration of this new and exotic context is evident in he use of vivid colors and nuanced textures of cotton, muslin, and silk. For the most part, the Jammers comprise stitched fabrics in pure, solid colors, affixed to rattan poles or hung directly and loosely on the wall; whereas in works such as Sprout (1975) and Caliper (1976), the unadorned poles are the principal formal element, propped against the wall. Departing from Rauschenberg’s densely collaged imagery or muscular, layered materials, the Jammers are simple and light, focusing on the transparency and seductiveness of veil-like fabrics, that are lent sculptural structure by the cloth-covered poles or other found objects.” (excerpted from the Gagosian Gallery, London, 02/16 - 02/28/13 exhibition press release). TRANSLATION: RAUSCHENBERG Robert [Milton Ernst Rauschenberg] (Port Arthur, Texas 1925 - Captiva Island, Florida 2008), Jammers. Rauschenberg, Vancouver - Los Angeles - Venice (California), Ace (Gallery), 1976, 39x39 cm, flyer, screen printing on tissue, artist’s invitation, on the occasion of the exhibition held at the three premises of the Ace Gallery in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Venice, in 1976. Unspecified print run.