WEINER Lawrence
(New York, Bronx 1942 - 2021)
Having been done at
Luogo: Torino
Editore: Editions Sperone
Stampatore: N. D.
Anno: 1972
Legatura: mezza tela editoriale con piatti in cartoncino
Dimensioni: 17x11,2 cm
Pagine: pp.[112]
Descrizione: libro d'artista con copertina tipografica contenente una serie di 24 dichiarazioni di Lawrence Weiner. Testo originale inglese stampato da pag. [1] a 56] e traduzione in italiano di Cesare Scaglia impressa nel verso contrario da pag. [112] a pag. [57]. Tiratura di 1.000 copie. Edizione originale
Bibliografia: Moeglin - Delcroix 2011: pp. 195 e 436; Lailach 2005. pag. 167; Mantura 1974: pag. 421; Schwarz 1989: n. 7, pag. 159
Prezzo: € 450ORDINA / ORDER
“The works in HAVING BEEN DONE AT are presented as emblems, i.e. each work is placed as “inscriptio” at the top of the page with an accentuating and generalizing, “subscription” at the bottom of the page. Thus, the top might read “HAVING ROLLED BEFORE INCARCERATION” and the bottom, “Having rolled well before.” The space in between where the “pictura” belongs is blank and initially implies and allegory about the construction of the work itself. Allegory, as used here, is not a literary genre but the generalized erection of a non-specific structure, in contrast to the immediate application of a metaphor. The title, HAVING BEEN DONE AT with its complement, “Having been done to,” emphasizes the distinction between an action external to its object (at) and one that attacks its object (to). Concepts like “incarceration,” “mutilation,” “relegation,” “binding,” are informed with an ambiguity that places the book in the political context of the activism and political violence rampant in western Europe and the United States in the early seventies.” (Schwarz)