(New York 1943 - 1978)
Gordon Matta-Clark
Luogo: Düsseldorf
Editore: Galerie Schmela
Stampatore: N. D.
Anno: 1977
Legatura: N. D.
Dimensioni: 15x10,5
Pagine: N. D.
Descrizione: cartoncino d’invito illustrato al solo recto con un’immagine fotografica in bianco e nero, edito in occasione della mostra della prima dell’artista in Europa. (Düsseldorf, Galerie Schmela, dal 12 febbraio al 17 marzo 1977).
Bibliografia: Bibliografia: Tonini 2019: pag. 353, n. 612
Prezzo: € 100ORDINA / ORDER
“The exhibition at the Schmela Gallery took place from February 12 to March 17, 1977. On display were color photographs of architectural sites taken before and after they were cut, and three-dimensional objects, including the Office Baroque cutout in the color photograph shown in the display case. Office Baroque was one of Matta-Clark’s most remarkable projects. In 1977, together with leading Belgian curator Florent Bex, the artist was able to secure an abandoned office building in Antwerp. By cutting out pieces of the walls, ceilings, and roof, Matta-Clark created the impression of a spatial drawing incised into the building. Utilizing all five floors and the roof, he orchestrated a multi-level structure with openings in the shape of circular arcs that modulated the space as the properties and size of rooms changed throughout the building. The result was a series of arabesque slices opening the whole structure to an ever-changing promenade of internal views and unexpected vistas. Matta-Clark documented these spatial relations in photographs. Some of the cut-out objects became sculptures in their own right.” (Estratto da “The Sky Gets a Chance—Gordon Matta-Clark’s Office Baroque. Artifacts from Gordon Matta-Clark’s daring sculpture Office Baroque” di Isabella Zuralski-Yeager via Getty)