Fluxshoe Add End A 72-73
Luogo: Cullompton, Devon
Editore: Beau Geste Press
Stampatore: senza indicazione dello stampatore
Anno: 1973 [ottobre/novembre]
Legatura: cartella editoriale
Dimensioni: 23x35,5 cm.
Pagine: N. D.
Descrizione: all'interno vari stampati e documentazione, con disegni, opere e immagini fotografiche in nero e a colori relativi alla mostra Fluxshoe (Osford, Museum of Modern Art e OSAC, 10-25 febbraio 1973). Edizione originale.
Bibliografia: Archivio della Fondazione Luigi Bonotto: Code FXC0063 1/4
Prezzo: € 600ORDINA / ORDER
"FLUXSHOE began its journey around Britain in autumn 1972, with two very eventful visits to Falmouth and Exeter. After Oxford, it travelled to Edinburgh, Nottingham, Sunderland, and a few other cities. The venture was organised by David Mayor and Beau Geste Press, a community of artists living and working in Devon. The exhibition was unique in that it was the first time the differing activities of so many artists had been brought together and made available for viewing by an English public. Nearly 100 artists contributed to FLUXSHOE. The exhibition, as it appeared in Oxford, presented two aspects of these interdisciplinary practices: 1. A retrospective exhibit, including audio-visual materials that shows, and also documents, work done over the past decade by artists loosely associated with Fluxus; 2. Presentation of contemporary works, in the shape of actions, events, performances and objects. A truly international coterie of artists came to the UK to make special appearances at various stages of FLUXSHOE. Performances and events were different at each of these stages, dependent on who was present to contribute in person and on the unique qualities of each gallery and location" (Modern Art Oxford, «The Archive. Fluxshoe 1973», CHANNEL, 1 marzo 2016).

Elenco dettagliato dei materiali:
1. Beau Geste Press, «Fluxshoe Add End A». Testo introduttivo.
2. «Bank service for Fluxshoes joint-account forms», cartellina contenente un modulo da compilare in 5 copie. Dicitura in copertina: "The enclosed 5 copies are to be distributed as follows: 1 copy to each of the undersigned; 1 copy to the bank / banks; 1 copy to Knud Pedersen Esq., The Art Library of Copenaghen... were the names of the holders of the joint accounts are centrally registered so facilitating a future account manager".
3. La riproduzione fronte e retro di una banconota di 1 dollaro.
4. Jock Reynolds, «Fluxshoe», cartolina seppiata.
5. «Fluxshoe 72-73», locandina a colori.
6. Opal L. Nations, immagine fotografica in bianco e nero.
7. «Fluxshoe in Exeter».
8. «Free drinks music sex free».
9. Paul Brown, «Orange dilema».
10. «Coum Art Circus - Hastings Fluxshoe».
11. «A transparent sheet will be given to you - You can handle this sheet in various ways - e.g. ...».
12. «Become a member of Eric Andersen's random audience».
13. «Flotsam & Jetsam» by Vigilant.
14. Marc Chainowicz, «Notes for fluxshoe», 3 fogli con immagini fotografiche fronte e retro. 15. Carl Liss, «Dovecote»,composizione grafica in nero su fondo rosa, senza testo, timbro con titolo e nome dell'autore al retro.
16. Allen Fisher, «Tanks and Cisterns».
17. «Flux needs you!».
18. «Do you seek clean water and not soiled air?».
19. «G.A.A.G. letter... and replies».
20. «Dalily Oxfor Information».
21. «Two-balled football match».
22. «Bye bye Oxford».
23. «Evening Fluxpost».
24. «World Brotherhood Of The...».
25. «Majorca late booking specialists...».
26. «Lancashire Evening Flux», con applicato un adesivo circolare che raffigura un seno.
27. «Play is easy».
28. «Genesis, banana expert is in town».
29. «Golden Bone Event».
30. «Taj Mahal Travellers Concert».
31. «Saturday 9.6.1973: opening of the gallery's experiments 3 show».
32. «Saturday 24.2.1973. Noon at OSAC».
33. «Saturday 17.2.1973. In the afternoon Marc Chamowicz and Stuart Brisley...».
34. «Sunday 23.1.1973 John Gosling performs A Contribution to the Art of Assemblage».
35. «Tuesday 21.11.1972: in the morning, takako, Takeisha, Yokio and David...».
36. «Friday 24.11.1972: All together now!».