(U.S.A. 1949)
Fay Shism Blues by Jill Kroesen - Fay: Jill Kroesen - Dog: Leonard Neufeld - Poetry Program - 2 PM
Luogo: (New York)
Editore: (Annual Avant Garde Festival of New York)
Stampatore: senza indicazione dello stampatore
Anno: 1974 (novembre)
Legatura: foglio stampato fronte e retro
Dimensioni: 31,6x24 cm.
Pagine: N. D.
Descrizione: titoli in nero su fondo bianco a fronte, testo della canzone, un montaggio fotografico ripetuto 4 volte e un altro montaggio al retro. Stampa in bianco e nero. Volantino originale della prima esecuzione della canzone e della performance in collaborazione con Leonard Neufeld, denominata «Fay Shism Blues Begun in the Home» (New York, XI Annual Avant Garde Festival of New York, 16 novembre 1974).
Bibliografia: N. D.
Prezzo: € 250ORDINA / ORDER
«Fay Shism Blues» è un brano lungo più di 9 minuti. L'incisione su disco di questa composizione avverrà solo anni dopo con la pubblicazione dell'album «Stop Vicious Cycles» (1982).

Testo: "I want to be your leader / About that I know your undecided / But I'm the best for the job and you know you cant deny it // I want to be your leader / I want to see you lose your freedom // If I dictated your every move I / I would have this world running oh so smooth // I'm the prettiest girl you've every seen / and I'm the smartest genius that's ever been // I want you to tell me you love me / That no ones above me // If you obey my every command / I will pet you with my delicate little hand // I have a pink bathrobe and long blond hair / I know I don't look like a head of state but darling darling I'll be ther[e] // I'm going to stop on everybody that gets in my way / If you so much as give my dirty look I'm going to make you pay / I'll send you to jail yes I'll send you to jail / And you won't get and visitors and you won't get any mail // I'll drive you crazy with my shoulders / and when I've got you hooked I'll turn you over / to my secret police and you'll be working for me // I want to be your leader / I want to plant the seeds of / Oppression, repression, I want to see you crawl for your concessions // Honey, you look like your just my type / If you'll feed my ego I'll still stay with you tonight / And in the Morning I'll tell you to go / I'll have cut you down to the ground while you built me up I won't need you anymore. // If I don't like the color of ypur hair / I'll put you on trial and it won't be fair / I'll fix the jury and I'll bribe the judge / and you won't even be able to carry no grudge / When they reach the verdict it will be for your death / And I'll be waiting to enjoy watching you take your very last breath".