WEINER Lawrence
(New York, Bronx 1942 - 2021)
And / or: green as well as blue as well as reed
Luogo: London
Editore: Jack Vender Editor
Stampatore: N. D.
Anno: 1972
Legatura: brossura cartonata editoriale
Dimensioni: 17x12 cm.
Pagine: [100]
Descrizione: copertina tipografica con titolo stampato in giallo su fondo rosso, libro d’artista contenente una sequenza di 10 dichiarazioni dell'artista. Tiratura di 1.000 copie. Edizione originale.
Bibliografia: Bury 2015: pag. 188; Delcroix 2011: pag. 196 e 436; Lailach 2005: pag. 167; Schwarz 1989: n. 9, pp. 155-157
Prezzo: € 300ORDINA / ORDER
"AND/OR: GREEN AS WELL AS BLUE AS WELL AS REED also deals with adverbial expression that are mechanically reversed (“MORE OR LESS / LESS OR MORE”) and, in a second stage, negated as well for instance, “IN LIEU OF / OF LIEU IN, “ “NOT IN LIEU OF / NOT OF LIEU IN”. Since these structures interrelate the names of colors, they can be read as a commentary on the tendency, current in the early seventies, to treat painting “analytically” or “Fundamentally” without, however, basically revising the questions that had already been raised in the sixties by such artists ad Ryman, Palermo, Richter or Toroni. Against this background, Weiner's work presents colors within a relational system in which positions can be occupied and then abandoned again because content is only allocated to them arbitrarily and temporarily. Similarly , the meaning of the newly constituted language phrases is a pproduct of their relation to their neighbors and not of their referentiality. Making a visual system like painting readable and presenting its features (including material, treatment, etc.). as signifiers is one reading of this book". (Schwarz)