(Hartford 1928 - New York 2007)
All combinations of arcs from four corners, arcs from four sides, straight lines, not-straight lines, and broken lines
Luogo: Lausanne
Editore: Editions des Massons
Stampatore: N. D.
Anno: 1974
Legatura: brossura
Dimensioni: 20,3x20,3 cm.
Pagine: pp. [56]
Descrizione: copertina bianca con titolo in nero. Libro d'artista con 190 combinazioni di archi e linee: 70 "combinations with from four corners", 54 "combinations with arcs from four sides", 38 "combinations with straight lines", 22 "combinations with not-straight lines", 6 "combinations with broken lines". "This basic series was used for many wall drawings installations. Each is different because of the shape and size of the walls. The encyclopedia of line and arc forms progresses from total curves to total linear forms, and can be easily read as a series." (Lewitt/Legg). Libro pubblicato in collaborazione con la Galleria Yvon Lambert di Parigi. Edizione originale.
Bibliografia: Lewitt 1990 pag.[64]: Lewitt/Legg 1978: pag. 129; Maffei/De Donno 2009: pag.48
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