(Long Beach, California 1941)
Cleopatra I - IV
Luogo: New York
Editore: Adventures in Poetry, "The Poetry Project"
Stampatore: senza indicazione dello stampatore
Anno: 1971
Legatura: 86 fogli sciolti stampati al solo recto
Dimensioni: 28,4x21,5 cm.
Pagine: N. D.
Descrizione: libro d'artista a fogli sciolti, senza legatura, né copertina, né custodia, stampa in ciclostile, 11 diagrammi n.t. Prima opera pubblicata dall'artista, che precede la sua prima mostra (New York, Paula Cooper Gallery, 2 marzo 1972). Edizione originale.
Bibliografia: N. D.
Prezzo: € 600ORDINA / ORDER
L'opera, pubblicata nella serie «Adventures in Poetry» di Larry Fagin, è divisa in 4 parti e 1 colophon:
- Parte I: ff. 6 - 49.
- Parte II: ff. 50 - 61, contenenti gli 11 diagrammi.
- Parte III (Commentariee): ff. 62 - 76 con la spiegazione dei diagrammi.
- Parte IV (Visions): ff. 77 - 85.
- Colophon: 86.

"Bartlett published her first book, «Cleopatra I-IV», in 1971 with The Poetry Project. Organized in four sections, aspects of Cleopatra’s life and character are examined in turn through essays, prose, and poetry. The book was produced in an edition of 300 copies, and is unpaginated and unbound. In his 1974 Artforum review of Bartlett’s exhibition at Paula Cooper Gallery, critic Lawrence Alloway devoted much of the text to «Cleopatra I-IV», praising how it «combines chronology, historical genre, sexual metaphors, aphoristic sentences and... an array of diagrammatic signs in systematic rows.» Alloway notes that this approach is amplified in Bartlett’s enamel plate paintings, as if the signs and symbols of Cleopatra had escaped the page for the gallery wall. The diagrams in «Cleopatra I-IV» recall the systematic communication of an idea that guided the production of many of LeWitt’s books. Often published at the same time as an exhibition of a new series, the book would explain the system used to create the works. Gathered together in one place, the iterations of an idea appear as diagrams, clearly visualizing the process at play" (Daisy Charles, «Feature: Jennifer Bartlett’s Writing», 2017, post nel sito web Paula Cooper Gallery).